Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fleas Infested

Last sunday, Ain was playing with Maru@Manja, when she discovered something unusual about Maru. She gave him a bath and showed me Maru when he was wet. We were shocked to discover Maru covered in fleas. After removing the fleas from Maru's body, we gave Ben a bath as well. Like Maru, Ben was also infested with fleas. Now I understand why I was itching like mad woman. The fleas have jumped on me for blood! You bloody fleas. Wait till I get my hands on YOU!

I gave all 3 kitties another flea bath on Monday and Tuesday morning, and the fleas were still up and about. Urghhhh I started to google and was speechless to find 1001 new things about fleas infestation in my home.

I also sprayed them with Troy Spray but this did not seem to work. Come Wednesday, I made lemon spray for my household. I boiled 2 cups of water, add a lemon which I sliced and add about a third cup of dried rosemary.  I left the solution to cool and sprayed on my carpet and sofa. I wanted to buy the flea bomb but it's not sold in Malaysia. Still, there was no signs of the fleas dead. Off to Dr Juliana, my vet for some advice. She reckoned that I took all 3 cats to her clinic but I thought I will flea busting my own way.

On Friday night, I gave all 3 kitties Frontline combo which I bought from Petmaster, Taman Universiti (at RM20 each pippet) which is supposed to kill the ticks, fleas, larvae, and eggs and keep them in their cage.
Key Benefits:
Elimination of fleas (Ctenocephalides spp.) and insecticidal efficacy against new infestations with adult fleas persists for 4 weeks.
Prevention of the multiplication of fleas by inhibiting the development of eggs (ovicidal activity), larvae and pupae (larvicidal activity) originating from eggs laid by adult fleas for 6 weeks after application.
Elimination of ticks (Ixodes ricinus, Dermacentor variabilis, Rhipicephalus sanguineus). The product has a persistent acaricidal efficacy for up to 2 weeks against ticks (based on experimental data).
Elimination of biting lice (Felicola subrostratus).
Nasri helped me to jump up and down in our living area so that their eggs in my living room would hatch and it would be easier to kill them on Saturday. Besides these, I made another lemon solution before I went to sleep. This time, I used 2 lemon with 4 cups of boiling water.

Come Saturday morning, I cleaned the kitties' cage. Locked them in the toilet this time to ensure they were confined in one area. I used boiling water to kill all the germs, bacteria and sprayed the cage with lemon solution. Then I sprayed the area with Dr. Clauder's spray which I bought from my vet.

Ingredients: jojoba oil, mink oil, coconut oil, vegetable oil derivatives, essential oils

Nourishing oils keep the skin and coat soft and increase the body's defenses against negativity. Spraying this will lead to pests and their eggs be affected. So the skin is clean and free from contamination by pests. 

Beneficial effects on pest infestation. Aromatic oils will change animal smell. Sun vermin is also kept away preventively. All of ingredients are all natural and non-toxic.

By dehydration and eggs and larvae can be prevented

I seriously have no clue why my vet recommended I spray this on my environment. I thought this should be sprayed on my kitties. But, my vet knows best, so I headed her advice. Let's see if it works.

I vacuumed my home, cleaned up the vacuum bag and sprayed lemon solution on my sofa, carpet, curtains whatever I could think of. Again, I sprayed my home with Dr. Clauder's spray. Fingers crossed, hoping that my effort would work. At this time, my 3 kitties are still not allowed to leave their territory, and I am still scratching like mad woman.

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I would like to know the outcome of your hardwork on the flea elimination? does it work? you boiled lemon with water as in with skin or just squeeze the juice?

really need your advice...I dun have any pets but a stray cat delivered near my hse compound and I feel bad chasing them away but it left after a while. ..

your kind reply is much appreciated. ... my email address is

Thank you.